Affordable CFO services..

When the average salary cost of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in the US is $395K (before benefits), a fractional CFO at 50%-70% off, can do wonders to your business!

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Our unique approach: value-based pricing

Unlike 99% of firms out there, we don't charge by the hour. We believe that value-based fees are more ethical and productive for our clients because they remove the moral compromises that attend hourly or daily billing. 

We want you to make a single ROI decision, not a new one every day..

Our mission is to help you secure the best fractional CFO for your business, one that will help you create the highest value for your company. Our fee will be based on the project's value to your organization and its derived ROI.

If you're looking for the cheapest consultant to solve your problem, you are in the wrong place, but if you are looking for a quality partner that thinks in terms of value creation and ROI rather than billable hours, you are in the right place! 

How it works?


Phase 1: Discovery Call

In this call we will learn about your

business needs, what is the outcome you are looking for, how it will improve your current situation, what holding you back from achieving the goals you are looking for, etc.

The main purpose of the call is to find out if there is a fit, build trust and explore common business beliefs and shared values that will allow us to effectively work together.


Phase 2: Conceptual Agreement

Here we will agree on the project's objectives, expressed as business outcomes, metrics, measures of progress towards those objectives, and the value to the organization (how it will be better off as a result of those objectives being met).

We'll strive to create a true partnership for us to succeed in delivering high ROI for you!


Phase 3: Proposal

You'll get a proposal that will stipulate what is agreed in our discussions.

The proposal will be based on outcomes and business results rather than tasks or deliverables.

We want to accomplish an ideal relationship of interesting, growth-oriented work and fees based on our contribution to your results.