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Marketing Budget Walkthrough

Here you will find a detailed explanation of the items in the marketing budget plans

  • Personal cover page - you will get a private full page that will present your experience, credentials, testimonials and other relevant information in a compelling way.
  • Niche expert article - we will write an article for you that will demonstrate your domain of expertise and build your authority
  • Access to professional materials - we will share materials like calculators, templates, infographics, eBooks, guides, quizzes you can use for your own benefit
  • Passive income - you will be able to sell any info-products such as eBooks, courses, training videos, templates, etc. You will bring the content and we will promote and collect the money for you.
  • Leads referral - as a result of promoting via content marketing, lead generation strategies and paid ads, we expect to acquire quality leads. We will share these leads with you based on lead requirements and your expertise.
  • Community - become part of a professional CFOs, exchange ideas, build your network and share your knowledge.
  • Professional email address - you will get a dedicated email address such as which can help to build rapport and recognition (it is important not to use private emails like Gmail, yahoo, etc, it doesn't look professional).
  • Digital Assets - we will help you build and market your own digital assets in order to attract quality leads.
  • Email marketing - you will be able to build a following and communicate with them via email. We will help you build the following and send the messages on your behalf.

How to choose your marketing budget plan?

A general rule of thumb is to invest ~8% of your top line revenue in marketing. Below you'll find our recommendation based on your unique situation.


Fits CFOs and finance experts with annual revenue of up to $100,000 that understand the importance of marketing but have a limited budget.


Fits CFOs and finance experts with annual revenue of $100,000+ that are willing to invest in the growth of their business, create supplemental income, massively build their authority and brand recognition and build a following of quality leads.

Marketing Budget Plans





  • Full personal cover page 
  • 4 niche expert article/year
  • Access to professional materials
  • Community
  • Leads referral 





  • Full personal cover page 
  • 12 niche expert article/year
  • Professional email address (i.e
  • Promote digital assets like quiz, eBooks, templates to potential clients
  • Email Marketing (building a following of leads)
  • Sell courses, eBooks, guides, training videos and other info-products
  • Access to professional materials
  • Community
  • Priority in Leads referral 
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